How Women Can Keep Themselves Safe

There are many dangers that women are vulnerable to whether they are inside or outside the home. This is the reason why women should make sure that they are always safe. You can keep yourself safe by following the tips given below.

You should be aware of things when you are in public. You wont leave yourself vulnerable if you are very much aware of what is happening around you. Make sure that your eyes are not on your phone when walking to your car at night. Your awareness is impaired by the presence of your phone. Not being aware of what’s happening gives you little time to react when there is trouble. Get back home immediately and then you will have time to look at your phone.

Don’t ignore the doorbell past dark, but answer it. You can make intruders know that you are home by answering it because if you don’t, then they will think that no one is home and so they attempt to enter in. But also think about calling the police when your doorbell is rung past dark.

Your instincts can protect you. Don’t help anyone who asks for help if you feel uncomfortable. You are not obligated to help anyone with anything. After refusing to help, go towards the place where there are many people.

When you are at home alone, lock your doors at all times. It is not only at night that your house can be broken into; there are also those who intrude home during the day.

Throughout the day, you actions should be planned. Phone calls with a friend or family members should be scheduled. This will let them know that you are safe. Stick to your plan because it’s when you deviate from the plan that you encounter danger.

There are times when faced with a dangerous situation, running is not an option. When you are led to this situation, it is good to know self-defense tactics. Men might be generally stronger than women but if you know self-defense moves, then you will have a fighting chance. A self-defense training course will help you always be prepared.

Scream as loud as you can if you are accosted by someone in public. Screaming draws others’ attention. If you scream, the bad person will flee and people will be alerted of your distress. Those who hear you scream can come to your rescue.

Pepper spray can help stop an individual in his tracks. It can give you time to flee a dangerous situation. If you have pepper spray with you all the time, then this gives you a bit of security.

If you are in a crowded area, no one will try to assault you. So as much as possible stay where there is plenty of people. It is dangerous to be walking alone at night in the dark streets. Walk in places where there are plenty of people.

Your first instinct when accosted in the streets should not be to fight but to run. Run to find another group of people.

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